CMS is a site management system around the world.

These systems allow anyone who wants to create websites without programming skills and Web development experience.

CMS or as it is often called the Site Engine is a program that allows you to publish information on the site and manage its functionality.

Technical progress does not stand still and sites are becoming more and more complex. For the convenience of working with a large number of pages use such platforms.

The CMS structure usually consists of a base engine on which various modules, themes and plugins are installed. The internal structure of the CMS is responsible for the functionality and storage of information, as well as for user interaction.

The ideology of all platforms for sites is to simplify the interaction between the administrator and the site.

Engines there is a huge amount of both free and paid. The advantage of paid CMS is that there is technical support with the help of which you can quickly solve problems. The advantage of free platforms is that they allow the novice to create their website without investments.

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